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Celeste de Moriae - The Grande Dame of Burlesque


A power house, based in Croatia. A singer, host, successful producer, and mentor, who performs more than 26 years on international stages.

She started as a singer and found her way to burlesque, after being a dancer and showgirl. The freedom of expressing herself in a way, where she puts her messages in her acts, costumes and performance together.

Celeste de Moriae is a very changeable performer and singer with a lot of face expressions, that is why she is also known as “The Face”.

A strong and powerful, mystic, but elegant neo burlesque performer. Sometimes with a hint of comedy and classically touched acts.


Croatian temperament meets burlesque!



Celeste de Moriae 
Burlesque - Singer - Host - Producer - Mentor


  • A ​Multi-Award winner, headlined Shows and Festivals (England, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Croatia, just to name some countries)

  • After years in productions and organizations of different shows, in 2016 she produced her first big festival, the Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival. In 2022 the first Cres Fringe Festival in Croatia was born, too.
    Celeste is creating safe spaces, with open-minded and respectful people, platforms for people to share their art and be visible. The vision is to bring people from the whole world in a safe environment together, who celebrate freedom and their art.

  • Judge for international Burlesque Festivals

  • Mentor for Performers and Show- and Festival-Producers


  • Producer and founder of the Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival, Rijeka, CRO

  • Producer and founder of the European Burlesque and Variety Congress, different EU countries

  • Producer and founder of the Cres Fringe Festival, Cres, CRO

  • Producer and founder, with Miss Strawberry Moonshine, of the Cupboard Show, CRO, UK

  • Producer of Bastards MC meets Burlesque, Wabilingen, GER

  • Co Producer of the Manège Rustique, Stuttgart, GER

  • Co Producer of the Catwalk Cabaret, UK, CRO

  • Art Director of the Glamorous Stage Stories, GER

  • Producer and founder of the POWER WOMEN for POWER WOMEN, Retreat and Congress, Cres, CRO

  • Producer of the European Golden Variety Champion Challenge, different EU countries (2021 + 2022)

  • Producer and Mentor at the "Experience Producers" coaching camp, Cres, CRO

  • Producer and Trainer at Moriae & Erker, Cres, CRO

  • Mentor at the GLCC Golden Legends Champion Challenge, USA (2021 + 2022)

Celeste de Moriae

Burlesque - Singer - Host - Mentor - Producer

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