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Celeste de Moriae - The Grande Dame of Burlesque

A professional performer based in Cres, Croatia, singer, successful producer, coach, and official Mentor of the GLCC, who performs more than 26 years on international stages.

Celeste de Moriae is a very changeable performer and singer with a lot of face expressions, that is why she is also known as “The Face”.
A strong and powerful, mystic elegant neo performer, sometimes with a hint of comedy and classically touched acts.


Croatian temperament meets burlesque!

Burlesque - Singer - Producer - Mentor/Coach

Multi-Award winner, headlined Shows and Festivals (England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Croatia, just to name some countries)

Judge at a few international Burlesque Festivals


  • Producer and founder of the Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival, Rijeka, CRO

  • Producer and founder of the European Burlesque and Variety Congress, different EU countries

  • Producer and founder of the Cres Fringe Festival, Cres, CRO

  • Producer and founder of the DanceLesque Camp, CRO/GER

  • Producer and founder, with Miss Strawberry Moonshine, of the Cupboard Show, CRO, UK

  • Producer of Bastards MC meets Burlesque, Wabilingen, GER

  • Co Producer of the Manège Rustique, Stuttgart, GER

  • Art Director of the Glamorous Stage Stories, GER

  • Producer of the European Golden Variety Champion Challenge, different EU countries

  • Producer and Coach at "Charge your Soul" coaching camp, Cres, Rijeka, CRO

  • Mentor at the GLCC Golden Legends Champion Challenge, USA

Celeste de Moriae

Burlesque - Singer - Coach - Producer

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