Acts and More

The Victorian Lady

One of the most booked and award winning acts. Classy with a hint of neo. Strong and straight with a comedian second part.

Eyes to kill

a very Classy and strong act. Beautiful Sparkling costume with a seductive performance.

The beautiful Creature of the Darkness

A mystic, demonian act. Beautiful big costume and dark music with a seductive and acting performance.

The Blue Lady

A very classy showgirl dancing act. With a big feather headdress and costume with big feathers. Teasing and dancing.

The Red Coat

A classy dancing act with a cheeky smile and Elvis songs. Flirty and sexy. Always fit to your event.

Dancing Dame

A classy dancing act with a tease and lot of dancing elements. 

Strange Face of Love

A neo burlesque act, with a sparkly beautiful costume, performed to a Tito and Tarantula song. Teasing and dancing elements mixed with strong face expression.

The waiting love

A perfect mix of elegance. 

You see classical, live singing, teasing act with dancing.

The Goddess of Destiny

A mystical act with a beautiful costume paired with a strong face what tells the story of the horned goddess. 

The Sweet Devilish Doll

A mystical dark act with paired with dance moves and  a strong face what tells the story of the doll. 

Lady Death

A tribute to one of my favourite comic characters Lady Death. 

Using a mystical walking stick, isis wings and silk veil fans.

The Pirate

mixing pirate and croatian vibes with dance moves and silk veil fans. Oh what an explosion!

- Celeste de Moriae is also creating new acts for your event, and she also have
  more acts, as here listed. Just ask.
- You can also get workshops or special lessons in show dance and Burlesque.
- If you need a singer for your even or to cover the singing part in your band,
  Celeste is a professional singer.

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