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Lora Tiben


Celeste de Moriae is a wonderful talented performer who knows how to make a crowd stay on their tippy  toes. Great entertainer with a personality.

Fotios Vasileiou

Events / Entertainment / Fashion Show Management, University Lecturer

Celeste is a great asset and important contributor to the entertainment industry and the events culture, especially in the burlesque events. She is the initiation and leader of the burlesque festival in Croatia, the Fringe Festival in the same area, as well as a great speaker, teacher and coacher. She has deep human values, positive energy, a wonderful way to motivate and inspire others, a real love for her work. 

Racy Ros

Performer, Designer

If I have to describe Celeste with few words I choose: worthness, seriousness, professionality.

I met her in a extrange situation in Germany almost three years ago. Due was a jury and she made also the producer rules. The history its so long But I could see and learn when a perfomer its also who take care from other performers in different situations, also when the event its Not yours.

The second time was in Taormina, where she was as performer, and the third in her Festival in Croatia and was a really beautiful experience. I think also she had a really difficult task managing over 40 performers and workshops. And it was very beautiful. 


I think about Celeste with respect and a person who admire.

Bunny D'Vine


Working with Celeste was just a bliss. She answered all of my emails and questions on FB timely, I always had all the information I needed, she's the sweetest and most organized ever, and I loved even more the fact that you can tell she does it all for love. She treats people very nicely, always super friendly and super involved in the work to be done.

I can't wait to be able to meet her in person, hopefully next year at the Croatian Burlesque Festival!

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